Skills Training

Mahendra Singh Foundation Inc. understands the value of skill training and their benefit to encourage survivors and women to continue living their life with independence. Skill Training Program brings exciting 4 programs to let women/girls (survivors) to choose and reform their life.

  • In the digital designing program, we will continue to teach sources from the fashion industry and design.
  • The software’s like Photoshop and Illustrator, Word software which will help survivors to gain employment in the fashion or any other industry.
  • The basic computer program will be taught by alumni’s from universities and school on a volunteer basis.
  • Hand sketching for fashion Design to incorporate as a part of therapy to express their feeling.
  • Fashion illustration is for fashion design education orient survivors for their fashion career.
  • Stitching course for women who want to support themselves and their families.
  • Survivors of domestic abuse and Rape survivors need to reboot their lives by continuing their engagements with work.
  • This course is highly beneficial for the survivors who want to learn and would like to open their own bespoke clothing shop.
  • Stitching course is a great skill to adapt to fashion or clothing /textile industry to work as tailors or seamstresses.
  • Our Collaborative Partner ABC Women’s Self Defense- ABC Women’s Self-Defense is a fun, exciting, and critically acclaimed women’s personal safety and empowerment program. ABC teaches simple and effective self-defense strategies to recognize, avoid, and respond to unwanted and potentially violent encounters. ABC classes are designed to teach self-protection strategies that are effective regardless of size, age, or fitness level.
  • What We Teach – ABC Women’s Self-Defense focuses on three basics, but critical, principles of self-protection.
  • Awareness – We discuss the facts and statistics behind violence against women, what are the chances that YOU will be a victim, and how and when it happens; situational, environmental, and self-awareness; what a bad guy looks for in a victim, what they DON’T want, and how to use that knowledge to reduce the risk of you becoming a victim!
  • Boundaries – We will discuss and practice “how close is too close”; how to control and deescalate a situation before it gets out of hand; how to define your safety zone, and how to maintain it when needed; the strategies and tactics the bad guy will use to try to gain your trust, drop your guard, and get PAST your safety zone; how the socialization of women has led to the “be nice” syndrome, why this is a danger, and why and when it’s OK to NOT be nice!
  • Contact – Ideally, physical techniques are the last resort, but when you need to use it, we will teach you simple, easy, and effective strategies and tactics to protect yourself and your loved ones; how to defend yourself against common attacks; how to fend off an attacker and ESCAPE; what to do when attacked, but more importantly, what NOT to do!; and the most important lesson of all- how to develop the right ATTITUDE to defend yourself and your loved ones.
  • ABC works to prevent violence and abuse by giving people the essential tools they need to protect themselves and their loved ones, promote healthy relationships, and facilitate respect in their communities and society.
  • ABC Women’s Self-Defense in currently taught in 14 countries and 12 US States and is the culmination of more than 30 years of training, research, and development. It is the premier women’s self-defense and empowerment program in the Capital Region, and has taught thousands of women the skills and attitudes they need to stay safe!