Mahendra Singh Foundation Inc. is 501(c)3 Status Non-Profit Organization founded in 2015, by Ms. Monica Singh and Mr. Nikhil Singh. The foundation gets its name from their father, Late Mr. Mahendra Singh, who devoted his life to helping others. He stood tall and strong when his daughter was burned with acid. This gave her the courage to go on and pursue her goals and dreams. His unwavering support and desire to help those in need, are the legacies that will continue with this foundation.

The Mahendra Singh Foundation helps girls and women who are survivors of violence to overcome their obstacles, become self-sufficient and lead a path for local and global sustainable social and economic empowerment. For the survivors, MSF offers hope, support and guidance to help them achieve financial independence and assists in providing academic opportunities that foundationally include education on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through its alliances, MSF is committed to supporting the Decade of Action to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Our Mission

The Mahendra Singh Foundation (MSF) will help victims of physical and sexual abuse, acid attacks, rape and domestic violence in rebuilding their confidence and strength on their journey to becoming survivors. MSF will spread awareness and mobilize community resources in providing counseling, training, medical-care, and career guidance to survivors in rebuilding their lives.

Our Belief

We believe that with love and good guidance, we can reignite the survivors’ passion for life, and rebuild a stronger, confident sense of self on the road to recovery.

Our Strategy
  • Spread awareness regarding the severity of gender violence, and the heinous nature of acid attacks, and sex crimes.
  • Build a strong network of influencers, facilitators, and volunteers, who will help guide and train survivors to be independent and strong individuals.
  • Focus on improving the survivors’ mental wellness and helping them regain confidence in becoming productive members of society.
  • Engage corporations and organizations in spreading awareness, providing career counseling, and medical assistance to the survivors.