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On the occasion of Valentine’s day, Mahendra Singh Foundation (MSF) tied up with Play Productions to inspire and make a short movie to share an insight into a violent streak of love. The video is inspired by the true events of my- Monica Singh’s life and tries to portray the revengeful nature of rejection in love. I suffered from an acid attack at age 19, and have disfiguring scars as a reminiscence of the horror that me and my family went through.

I have been blessed with unconditional support and love of my family and friends, and a fire inside me to try to bring awareness and change this brutal truth about this real world problem. There are thousands who are still struggling to find their voices and lives.

There has been an increasing number of violent acid attack cases reported in recent years. We believe love should be a choice and not an excuse for violence. We urge you to join hands with Mahendra Singh Foundation and spread awareness about this heinous crime. Please watch and share the video and help us make this world a better, more acceptable, and a non-violent place.