Women Beyond Survival

Seeks to help women and children build better lives in conflict and post-conflict societies.

WBS recognizes that women play vital roles as caregivers, laborers, activists, and intellectuals in communities around the globe. WBS also recognizes that all too often women are made the victims of abuse, sexual violence, and gender discrimination and that such injustice frequently prevents women from attaining the respect they deserve and fulfilling their potential as active contributing members of society. Recent global conflicts have shown that warfare and violence disproportionately affect women and tend to exacerbate their victimization and marginalization.(www.womenbeyondsurvival.org)


Based upon the principles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, we strive to give women a better tomorrow and a brighter future that is free of violence and discrimination. WBS is a nongovernmental nonprofit global humanitarian organization that seeks to prevent and eliminate violence against women, children and adolescents in areas affected by conflict or war. Our programs provide security, medical and psychological care, medicines and health supplies, social services and education to support and strengthen the critical role that women play in rebuilding and revitalizing communities ravaged by warfare.