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She is a Founder & President of Mahendra Singh Foundation Inc. She is been known for her strength in surviving being Acid attack survivor and reaching New York by herself to achieve her dream (an education at Parsons). Her dream is to provide under privileged girls/women skills and counseling to work the field of their choice. Her foundation works on sustainable development goal of Quality Education and Gender Equality. Her education at Parsons made her even stronger and she works to share her knowledge and expertise about fashion industry from design to marketing. She has been using her Marketing degree as a tool for social media to spread the awareness about the crime happening all over the world.

“Strength and support are the tools that helped me go from being a victim of an acid attack to a survivor. These are the gifts I received from my family, espemonica missioncially my father. Though he is gone today, I think there is still a lot more he wanted to do to help others in need, as he was always ready to come to the aid of those who wanted help while he was still alive. I want to share and spread his message and legacy with this Foundation, started in his name and help others in their journeys, to go from being helpless to becoming strong enough to thrive and help others.”



Nikhil K. Singh is Part of Mahendra Singh Foundation Inc. He is an investment banker with over 7 years of experience in investment banking, business consulting, financial advisory and project financing. He works with one of India’s leading investment bank. He is a mechanical engineer and an MBA in Finance from Symbiosis International University, India.

Like his father, his innate desire to help people was augmented when his sister wanikhil missions brutally attacked in 2005. With this foundation he hopes to provide the ray of hope in the lives of those that have been devastated because one of their own was attacked.

“ What my family have experienced in past decade, I don’t want anyone experience the same”.